It is that time of the month.  The end of the month.  The time when we lean into next month. Trying to overcome intense inertia.
Getting our messaging to market as fast as we can.  Delivering the hard-hitting calls to action that will fill showrooms with anxious buyers.
Nothing is more frustrating than clipping through the first 10 days only to find the website has not been updated, SEM and display ads are stagnant, even old.


Leading up to a successful month start, everything has to go just right.  You may be surprised, but there is actually planning involved.  Shocker!

I am amazed at how many people think the internet is run on magic, rainbows, and unicorns.  That things just appear…..

Planning needs to be at least ninety days out.  I like to see the year broken down into quarters and then working down to the months.
Most OEM’s have a predictable yearly cycle.  ( except this year.. thanks Toyota ! )  Much of our messaging is inventory based and we can predict what models will be in play from
stocking levels either on the ground or inbound.  By the time the OEM announces incentives, it’s a matter of plugging in the numbers.

Or you would think.

Depending on others really sucks.

Especially for pricing.  You would think we were asking for something hard. Not that
it is rocket science or anything, but getting pricing info is made to be this mysterious
task, that only a few can accomplish.  Such BS.
Speed to market is vital, but getting there is sometimes a battle.  Fought behind the scenes each and every month.


Most people know I am an old Army guy.  ( sitting at 22 years of Federal Service right now)  One of the things that has stuck with me is getting up early and getting to work. And it has served me well.  Any of us who work at this kind of pace know and treasure those quite hours.  When the phone is not ringing, you have a good cup of coffee sitting
in your boxer shorts, taking care of business.
I screencapped my “sent” folder at 9 this morning.


Decided to record a slide deck I use when doing side by side training with new Internet sales people.

I do a good job of not rambling or preaching too much. ( which is hard for me )

Not perfect at all. Sorry for the audio mid way thru, my ac kicked on and the mic picked up the noise.

Thanks for watching and lets talk about it.



It’s tough to do in my role.  To be and stay organized.  I imagine it is for others too.

Developing some method to keep up with your madness at work is a must.  Getting to understand mine will take some explaining.

My origination has layers and bubbles.

Family first (or as much of first without getting fired)
So really it’s Family and Job first and then squeeze in others as I can.

At Work, there at these bubbles. The bubbles are  13 dealerships.  They operate
independently of each other, and kinda float and bounce around like bubbles
will do.  Within those bubbles are people I depend on.  They are either
organized themselves or not.  They have smart people working for them or not.
They communicate well or not.
That is a lot of “are” or “are not”.
I can say we have a good share of “are not”.

This is the high wall across my quest to be and stay organized.
It’s hard to plan when you are around so many people who do not.

This is the best I can come up with.  A struggle to get work into a box that
can be somewhat manageable.

Balancing my Family with Job.

Consider is a verb, a word of action. It is a state that is in motion, changing and adjusting. Those changes come about with the addition of new information.
Information that is gathered from many sources.

How do you think the information you provide a potential customer impacts their consideration of your car ?

Is it the right information at the right time?

We are so “price quote” trigger happy. Yes, providing pricing information is important but it is not the only information people need or want.
The timing needs to be right on sending the price quote. Certainly if the customer is asking for it, then by all means send it.
But to blindly send pricing is a mistake.
Largely because we beleive that the customer is going to recive it and be able to digest and make a descion off of it.

How customers read their emails is against this being successful. A price quote can easily go unread because it is buried under other emails in someones inbox. Or it went to spam.

I advocate the rinse, wash and repeat method of thinking about sending information.
Send availability, pricing, why buys emails and then start all over.
Repeat the cycle a few times to get your email opened, read and considered by a customer.
Ask if your emails are being read. And what questions they may have. Or what have you left out.

Use all methods available to you to establish contact.
Phone, Email, Text, Chat. Use these to point towards the emails you have sent.

Do not let the frustration of a quiet customer get to you. Hang in there and continue to probe, to ask and to send info.