adblockers force our hand

for years I have been running adblockers. No time to be distracted or interrupted. Focused and direct, I am on the Internet to do what I came to do, not to be marketed to or tempted. But this is happening all around us no matter where we go and the Internet is no different. Traditional advertising has always interrupted us, on the radio and TV. In newsprint and magazines. Even strolling the aisles of our favorite big box store. There was no escape, no rest. Then came satellite radio, Youtube and tevo followed by Netflix. Each publication had to have a web presence, splaying open its content to be browsed and consumed. How and who is going to make payment for all of it?    Bring on the ads.  Banners and popups, popunders blinking and moving. Or more directly Adwords. The preemptive opportunity to get in front of a sheep. To heard them, nudge them your way.

As the wheel turns now with adblockers becoming more common we are faced head on with a problem. And the answer is simple. Not the next easy gimmick. Not to get even more intrusive. But to step back take a breath and get to work. Provide consumers with what they are looking for. Create, think and plan. Probably the very hardest, nearly impossible thing for a car dealership to do. Tell your story to car shoppers. The stories of the people the vehicles the how’s and the whys. Use video, give them the sights and the sounds. Smile and  allow them to see and hear the sizzle and they will come to get that new car smell.  Embrace this do not fight it. We are still struggling with the changes that the Internet has brought the auto industry, even in denial. Change is fast approaching. And we do not do well with change. Car guys hate change. Fight change.  Isolate themselves and their dealerships from it. But it’s coming brother. Like it or not. Let me go put my hands on it and call you back on it or not. Old school is now really old. Very old. Minutes are now seconds and a human car salesperson cannot deal with that. We blink too much.

Tell your story. Each one of them. Allow a customer to buy a car. Your car.



digiday ad blocker story

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