Adapting / Changing to understand Contact Rate

We must adapt the tools we have and change the way we do things to sell more cars.
To be effective, efficient and high performing; contact rate is a metric that must brought into our evaluations.
Doing so will produce more car deals and make for much happier sales people.

Trying to get an understanding of contact rates will better help us properly
evaluate lead sources.
Ultimately, it will also effect our staffing.
That is right, it will effect how many people we need in our internet depts.
Right now we are staffing ( or trying to) for a “gross number” of leads.
If we understood which lead source actually provided people we can talk
to, then we can effectively choose lead sources.
Eleads, our CRM, is not a big help in this.
So if you would please, try this for a time and we will see how it works.
I have added a “status” to Eleads. MADE CONTACT.
Made Contact
Plain and simple. If you talk to someone, or get a response back.
Meaning, we send and email, they reply to that email.
Then the status is changed to MADE CONTACT.
For the time being we need to suspend using “hot” or working or manager review status changes.
(I know)
In the short term, (over the next 90 days) we should be able to get an idea at least
of who we are connecting with. And use that to look at lead sources and make some
Ok, that being said, ( or typed).
Next…. ( I will go into more detail later)
We are going to have to explore our workflows. And this cannot be done right away.
I see that we are going to have to change our workflow depending on the type of internet
customer. That is right, type of internet customer. We determine what type if internet customer based on their INTENT. ( this is the deep end of the pool so reach for edge if you have to)
Intent is judged by where they originated from. This intent is what the customer hopes to accomplish.
By seeing where they originated from we can also see their intent.
Leads from our website are “action takers” and we should expect to make contact rather quickly. Within 72 hours.
There are “thinkers” that come from Truecar or Edmunds and it could take a week before we could get any contact. Another type is “researchers” that come from OEM sites and these folks could have a month lag before contact is made.
Right now we have a one size fits all work flow. That one workflow is causing us to miss customers. It is based off the 72 hour crush and then a two week press. We basically have a good chunk of potential car deals fall through the cracks because we are not talking to them in the right pattern.
This will have to change to match up with type of internet customer.
That important step will entail a good bit of thought and work.
But first, lets get back to understanding contact rate. And then
move forward with workflow changes.

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