The loneliest place on your website

You have to be excited, right ?  600 visitors a day, 11 mins time on site, VDP’s are through the roof and your lead count is bangin’.
What we put our visitors through on automotive websites is sad, very sad.  Any other commerce website is easy to navigate, loads fast, makes sense and is a good experience.
Oh, stop right there.  You are asking a question in your head……
You mean a dealership’s website is a “commerce” website?  A place of business ?  You mean it’s serious ?
Yes, I do. Now to continue as that sinks in.  Interrupt as you need to.  Or keep a puke bucket handy as it sinks in.
Visitors judge what it is like to do business with you, your dealership, your salespeople by how your website functions.Dealership-Website
When you have been successful, the automotive shoppers journey has led them to your website. And when a visitor has searched your inventory, scanned your vehicles, shown them to their spouse, gotten excited or fallen in love with a car….
They click the “more info” or “get a price” button, filled it out and hit submit.
What happens do you think?
There has been this build up in the visitors mind.  They have consumed much information,
pictures, videos, specs and prices. They have jumped from website to website and now they are making a choice. To them they are making a commitment.
We reward them with the most dull, bland, I would say the exact opposite of what their
experience has been so far.
Your “Thank you” page.
A page filled with white space with the words, in small black type.
Thank you for submitting your information.  An associate will contact you soon.

Below is a simple solution.

BMW messege

After a website visitor submits a form or lead we usually take them to a thank you page. This video is on that thank you page. Setting some expectations and offering next steps.



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