CarGurus One Oh One

Among classified vehicle listings services, Cargurus is certainly
on the uptick. Enough to make Autotrader and sit up and
take notice. Reminds me of the burger battles between McDonald’s,
Burger King and Wendy’s. And it is a battle. Both with vehicle
shoppers and with dealers.
I want to talk about both equally important aspects. Understanding
how Cargurus succeeds with vehicle shoppers will increase all your
metrics in selling them a car. From phone and form leads, to appointments and ultimately sales.
With the vehicle shopper, CG seems to be everywhere. (OK, I got tired of typing CarGurus and went to CG)
CG spends many monies on optimizing for organic search. And not just simple search terms, but quasi long tailed terms. Especially localized.
Search Results for local Macon Cars
Once a shopper is on the CG site, indoctrination begins immediately.
The interface is simple, easy to navigate and uncluttered. Not the first pop up to take a survey or to interfere with what the shopper came their to do. Find a car.
The search radius defaults to 100 miles and that is a little much and most shoppers adjust it down to find more local cars. Then they broaden the radius depending on what they
find locally. The VLP is straight forward and chock full of easy to digest info on the vehicles. ( and the dealer)
Vehicle Listing Page from Macon Ga search
The biggest of note is the Great Deal, Good Deal, Fair Deal arrows.
Early on CG is telling the shopper which car to choose. And that mind set extends to including a star rating for the dealership right in the VLP listing.
Once your car has won the click, the VDP continues to with the deal arrows and goes further buy offering some “negotiating” information on the vehicle. How quickly the vehicle type is selling ( or turn rate ) and how many and how much the price has dropped.

2014 Toyota Camry SE    16 997

Things get interesting when the shopper decides to contact the dealer.  But that will have to wait till part two. And will go a long way in contributing to success with CG shoppers.

Until then, I invite you to hop on CarGurus, take look around with the shoppers experience in mind.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time spent.

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