Why buy needs a how

Today’s car shoppers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. Easy access through mobile devices and a wealth of data for them to consider as well as the time to do so.
You should be ready, with each and every customer. Each phone call and internet request to answer a new set of “why buy” questions.
And these include a “how”.

Why is this the best car ?

Quality starts with your brand.
Know your maker.

Why is this car right for me?

Each buyer has different needs.
Investigate, ask and inform.

How can I afford it?

Total Cost vs Price vs Value
Start where they are.
Trade value, credit worthiness and budget.

Why should I buy it here ?

Trust can be hard to earn.
Establish the Dealerships commitment to customers.

How am I getting a good deal?

Make it easy to get answers and do it quickly.
Transparency in pricing, trade value.

Practice these, role play and be ready. Use it to guide the conversation with
customers.  You will find it makes for a happier person to sell a car to.