Keep repeating yourself

Moving forward with an experiment of sorts.

As I read the next part, I thought it might be a bit confusing.  So, a preamble.

We use what are called workflows to help us keep organized and to manage our contacts with potential customers.  It begins with an initial response and phone call.  Then our CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) tool has scheduled activities for us to perform all the way out to 180 days.  Things like why buys, or trade evals even finance applications.  All of these, stacked up and flowing forward on a timeline.

We have a work flow that we follow and although it is not automatic or robotic. It does have this robotic feel to it.  And because of our lead load, we press on, riding our work flow forward.
This is a mistake.
A mistake because everything is based off the belief that our initial reply, which is chock full of information, was read and understood by the customer.
Most often this is not the case.
Yet we skip and hop along out workflow merrily. Sending emails and calling.
You see customers do not live like us. Constantly in their emails.

Their inbox is more like a window pane.  They can see what is out that window, but it is constantly moving.  And our initial reply’s with it. Headed downstream, further away from actually being read.
When a customer does read your email. It can be the day three or four email.  Which is not quiet the same as our first efforts.  In fact, to the customer it may come off as fairly weak.
They have no idea what day it is to you.
To them it is day one. Their first encounter.  Their first impression.
So what to do ?

I suggest, betting short.  Keep a 3 day cycle of emails and calls going. Take a break and if
no contact is made……start again. From scratch. Repeating your pricing, repeating your calls to action.

We can call it the Ground Hog Day follow up system.  It just keeps repeating over and over.

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