Opinions Are Like Onions

A potential customers opinion has great influence on many points of action when they are considering a vehicle.
You should be concerned and care about a customers opinion about your dealership and about dealing with your team.
And you should have control over those points where a customer can gain an opinion of your dealership.
Most people have an overall opinion on purchasing a vehicle that is well known.
And not very good.
How can you overcome that?
How can you or your team color or change a persons opinion?
Opinion are not easy to change. Even when faced with facts to the contrary, people will still hold on to their opinion. That is powerful !

To start, decide what opinion you would like for a person to have about you and your dealership. This is differs slightly from a “why buy” or a “value statement”. It will have to be something that really hits home with customers and addresses some of their basic concerns about purchasing a vehicle.
My suggestions:
You will have a great experience
You will get a good deal
These two opinion shaping statements should be baked into every communication with a customer.
Each email and phone call. On your website and social platforms. As early on in the relationship with a customer, you want to start shaping that opinion they have. Because the minute it goes south, more than likely, so is any car deal.
Attempting to shape a customers opinion will also set you apart. While others are trying to get the customer to buy buy buy, you are laying the ground work for a relationship by catering to the consumers basic questions when looking for a vehicle.
Will I have a good experience and will I get a good deal ?
Allow your people to shape the message in their own way. It has to be natural and genuine. Not just parroting the company moto.
Experiment within all the departments and sections of the dealership. The same rules apply to them and they could benefit.
Thanks for reading ! I welcome your comments.

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