Fun with Facebook Ads


It goes without saying but still needs to said.
Facebook ads are a great value.
Easy to deploy, control, track and make a local
advertising impact quickly.
Are car sales local, right?
I have found that putting them together with the
help of sales managers and GM’s is crucial.
Getting buy-in and that granular level
input makes for more effective campaigns.
Meaning, better results. Results that resonate
down to the lowest level. The potential customer
out in their own world, entering ours and buying
a car. ( or bringing their “out of the OEM’s
free maintenance period in for service”)

Planning and executing is fairly straight forward.
Decide what you want to accomplish, what action
or result you need is the place to start. It can
be phone calls, test drives, website visits to
the VLP, etc. Then what vehicles to build campaigns
around. Typically, I like to stick with what we have
a good stocking level on. But you can use old age units,
demos or out of rental vehicles.
Deciding the offer can be a bit tricky. Facebook ads
should be part of an overall advertising strategy.
I prefer to stay away from price/payment type ads on
Facebook. Using Facebook’s excellent targeting sets,
it is better to use them for awareness, to generate
interest. New incentives or programs can work well
and get your message to market quickly.
Three basic components you will need are a creative,
a headline and a message.

BMW of Macon
The creative or image can be tough for a lot of dealerships
unless you have a Photoshop person hanging around.
I have started to lean on the OEM’s “OHH” images to use.
They pump them out quite regularly and more and
more they for formatting them specifically for
you to use on Facebook. Facebook has rules for
the image you use. Basically, it is the opposite
of what you liked to do with newspaper ads. Basically
minimal text. So, keep any text short sweet and strong.
The headline needs to be engaging, interesting and match
the creative. The message is for after you have caught
someone’s attention, bringing them in closer to your
calls to action.
I use two tools when creating Facebook ads.
Bitly URL shortener gives me some basic tracking
but specifically, a short descriptive link that looks
good within the ad.’s Admock will give you previews of how your
ad will look. Allowing adjustments and tweaks to fine tune
your ad. Also, you can download the ad and send it to
GM’s for them to have a look.
Deploying ads is a whole different process for me and one
I cannot cover in this morning’s cup of coffee.
Thanks for reading! Rock the hell on.

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