#Lexus helps #CDK with Epic Fail

Today is a snow day in the ATL.  Slippery roads, hazardous travel conditions.  Most would agree that communicating to our customers any change in our business hours that would impact their plans for the day is important.  The GM let me know at 5 am that Service would be closed and Sales would open noon.
Fairly quickly ( by 5:18 ) I have a graphic and info up and out on Facebook and Google, Twitter. snowday-lexus.jpg

But when it comes to editing or adding to our #CDK website, thats a no go son.  Not happening, no, nope and forget about it.  #Lexus has this website update that is hanging up any changes I may want to make.
However small.

Like this one.. letting customers know hour change in hours.

Why is an OEM preventing a local dealer from doing business ?  And do you think there is someone I can call at 5 am in the morning ?

CDK has really dropped the ball on this one and it will lead today to some of our customers out driving in bad weather to find our service dept, closed.