Day in the life 1 Oct 19

New 2020 Toyota’s showing up on Used Inv. feed on
Contacted DDC- provided info and screenshot.
Got quick confirm that they were on it.
Then realized I was that jerk who asks for inventory help, but dose not
provide any stock # examples. So I meekly provide the examples, just too late to be of any help probably, support had already went to the trouble and the time to look them up.
Turns out the vehicles were marked “used” in the system on our end.  Internal problem, not external. Now to try and figure out who.  A person ? The DMS ? Someone fat fingered somewhere.  Or could it be on purpose.
Gotta rule out if they are rentals….?
I get ding on my phone when a GM sends me an email.  To get 3 of them in an hour means at least 5 hours of work coming my way. And in a hurry.

Just got offers in from Sales Manager to use online.  Good turn around !
Incentives just came out right before lunch. Now to put them up the chain
to see how quickly we can get them online. One store off to compliance
and then up and out, a couple of stores are very close and more just meandering along.  Big month ! Lets go.

Dealing with this glitch editing problem thru Ford Direct and DDC.
Could I be using the wrong browser ?  Chrome is my go to. But do have to dance around a few OEM specifics, BMW, Honda/Acura. I will have to ask
if I should try FireFox possibly for editing.
Cleared cookies, restarted and that had no effect. Still glitchy.  Could it be Ford Direct ?  Other DDC sites I have no issues with.


Hand written offers fro sales manager.
HANDWRITTEN offers from Sales Manger