October has started

During tough months we fall back
on basic blocking and tackling.
Disciplined approach to following
processes leads to success.

Working on the Group Internet Report and gaining some insight into the stores success’.

The shear volume that Butler Toyota produces is impressive.
Butler Lexus benefited from new website performance producing better leads.
Milledgeville saw improvement as they further refine and improve their internet processes.
CDJR suffered from the hurricane, thru force of will they pulled the month out.
(Audrina bought a new car to get them the one new car deal they needed)
Butler Chevy continues it’s personnel woes.
BMW of Macon showed the loss of sales manager and his attention and involvement.

One of the hardest things is dealing with arrogant ignorant people.  They think they know and that’s good enough for them to be a prick.  But actually they are wrong and have to be an even bigger prick afterwords.