Watching the wind blow

It’s the 3rd of the month and we are going to market with offers at Toyota. Great team work to get them produced and published.

We sold a store last month and the vehicles are still flowing thru our inventory. Trying to trouble shoot where those suckers are hiding and get rid of them. I think they were removed improperly. Just dropping the feed did not actually delete them from downstream updates. I am going to give it a couple days and will have manually delete them all.

Leads have increased year over year at our small Ford store. With the ever more important phone calls increasing the most. Had to show a GM that even though it feels like traffic is down, it’s not. More phone calls ! Which is why the phone is super important. A customer calling off your own website needs to be handled properly. He who trains phone ups wins. And why investing in and having ongoing phone training is the one of the best things a dealership can do.

Who is spending on digital ? Is our spend about right or do we increase? Ours is optimized and efficient, lean and mean. Is theirs full of bloat ? (probably )