OnGoing: Phone issues

Saturday morning learn of a lag.
Because its the weekend, I cannot get support involved.
The only choice is to change the numbers on the website to the direct dial numbers to stop the bad quality callsfrom coming in.
So striping down all tracking numbers off
the website for every department.
Updated the ring to number to just the receptionist.
I listened to Saturday afternoon calls and could not hear an issue with the calls.
Decided to make a personal visit to talk to everyone who had reported
phone problems on Friday and Saturday.
I was told they were experiencing a huge delay in on both ends of the phone calls along with dropped calls during transfer.
Ruled out dropped calls pretty quickly, they were really just fumbled
pickups, not true dropped calls.
Since I changed the ring to number they did not have the delay issue.
Learn that the Collison center is experiencing the same issue. But I am stabbed with a busy day ahead on Wed. I will be teaching a Sales Managers class for the Group. So that’s unmovable time. But will fit it in.
No time to vere off course personally visit collison center. Better odds
early next week.
When it comes down to it, it will eather be a Callsource issue or a issue. I just need to isolate a few calls and verify the info
and can press forward. But until then, I cannot.