Return Top Level Nav to the Top

Its time to tighten up top level navigation.
Its time to bring it back to a state of prestige. For too long there has been mission creep. Adding frivolous “other services”. It has to be driven first and foremost by visitor behavoir on the wed site. Bottom line is we have to give them what they are looking for and do it quickly.
I am going to begin kicking it in to place at our Toyota
store in Macon. Which will be fun now with another layer added by TDS in our stores website. I have a negitive veiw of this layer, but will work within its boundries, I will play the freakin game. Again, thank you Ford Direct.

Top level is the stores most important real estate
Home|New|SUVs&Trucks|Used|Schedule Service|Explore

Tom Thornton Digital Operations Director Butler Auto Group

Top Level can then be supported or augmentned through buttons or search widgets on the home page.
But the Top level nav has to remain simplified.

HOME: really ? you know what HOME is.
NEW: Everything NEW. SEARCH, SPECIALS, link to SERVICE NEW, ect and on.
SUVS&TRUCKS: Bending to the horde of visitors. We must put the vehicles in front on them as early as possible. Until the data changes of course.
USED: The whole USED package. Link to TRADE CENTER too.
SCHEDULE SERVICE: A DIRECT link to SCHEDULE SERVICE page. An action link. Get the vistor directly to a page that they can shedule a Service Appointment online.
EXPLORE: Ok this is the biggie. Why because this is where all the other links will go that did not make the cut of Top Level Nav.
I know, I know. Who wants to be second place right ?

For this store in particular, they do have a sub set that is important to them. Their TRADE CENTER. And I do agree that it is an important piece to the store, but not Top Level Nav. There are other ways to bring it to the front.
Buttons being the easiest. At the same time, TRADE CENTER needs thoughtful placement through out the website. A banner here ad link in sub navigation there.