Last minute fun

I get a text last night at 7 pm.

Can you change this to 30percent on our site 13 to choose from guad cab and crew cab??

Let the fun begin.

It is going to take alot to squeeze this one in. Will try my best.
1.DealerInspire website edit ( my least fav)
2. Create homepage slider for store ( a fav)


move mountains
make the way smooth
Biggest problem. I HAVE to go to Milledgeville.
Second mountain – An internet manager at a store is out for 10 days.
It’s the last/first of the month.

Moved a little mountain. Was able to change schedule ! Still busy to the extreme, but needed that 2 hours I would be spending in the car to get to Milledgeville.
Still ended up being a rush job, but without the extra time it would have been a no go.


Nothing pretty resulted. Bare basic best I could do as fast as I could do it.
GM had already put me in a bind on time. Couldn’t find a cool pic of a Ram pulling a boat.