Our sovereignty has been attacked !

Our sovereignty as a dealership has been compromised !
Trespassers, Interlopers be gone !
Itt is no different than our brick and motor building.( along with aluminum and glass).
Would someone be allowed to walk in and put up a banner in our showroom. Would someone be allowed to re-route the road that leads to our dealership ?
Who thinks that is ok to do?
Same applies to our website.
NO ONE should add any service, any function to our dealerships website without consent, consultation or permission.

I am all in for making our website acceseable for those with disablites.
I do have concerns about the data collected and how it is used.
Visitors to our website are like honored guests in our home.
Should we expose them to compainies that are going to email them, contact them, keep them on a list just because a visitor uses our site?

Here is an excerpt from the privacy policy.

Use of Information

We use the information detailed above for a variety of purposes, including: providing our services to you, managing customer relationships, responding to your inquiries, enforcing our terms of use, personalizing the Services and your experience on the Website, providing information regarding careers with us, and engaging in marketing activities, such as providing newsletters, publications, updates, and other information that we believe might be of interest to you. AudioEye will not use the contents of any speech data provided to us through your use of the AudioEye Product for any purpose except as set forth herein.

With respect to marketing activities, certain information that you provide to us, such as your first name, last name, company name, e-mail address, physical address, and phone number may be aggregated with other such data in one or more contact lists. We may then use these contact lists to send you information regarding our services via an automated mailing system and/or to send you surveys via an automated survey generation system. These contact lists may be integrated into our client relation management (CRM) system and/or our internal e-mail contact lists).

What the heck is this and who put it there?