Franklin, we have a problem

How we handle customers

Franklin, TN that is.
Read an article this morning on SeekingAlpha that really lays out how important a Service dept is in a Nissan dealership. It’s the front line of customer interactions with a dealership. And how well or how poorly those interations are handled determines the long term health of a dealership.

Here is an excerpt:

At the root of the problem is a classic example of a technical issue faced by a company, being made worse by poor handling of the problem. I am talking about Nissan’s CVT transmission problems, which is steadily eroding its customer base, as well as pushing away new potential Nissan customers. Nissan’s lack of ability to deal with the fallout and fix the problem is currently causing it significant financial damage, not to mention long-term damage to the brand. Lack of progress on this issue, combined with the need to invest billions of dollars, or perhaps even tens of billions of dollars into establishing a stronger EV presence may prove to be too much for Nissan in the next decade.

Zoltan Ban , SeekingAlpha

The full article is here: The full article is here: