Whats in your work folder ?

Short answer:

My work folder is just an extension of my desktop. And in my line of work,
that changes and varies a great deal. Since I am in and out of different dealerships and basically work 24/7, there is a need for a constant. A place where I can have access to needed assets.

Why not just keep everything on the laptop you carry?
There is not enough hard drive space. Although I try and
keep it charged and carry an extra power cord, I have had
a dead battery. I also “hot seat” alot. Meaning I sit at other peoples computers to work.

Why not keep it all on a thumb-drive?
Not a good idea to insert your thumb-drive in someone else’s computer.
It’s just not safe. Even if it is consensual. I have lost, ran through the washing machine and dryer a few thumb-drives in my day. I do however back up my work folder to a thumb-drive every 3 months and keep it at my home office.

Work Folder