Lesson Learned: Mobile Tracking Numbers

Dealer.com Mobile Click to Call

A good part of my gig is fixing things. And that starts with figuring things out. Often, I am not called in or made aware until late in the problems existence. Which means I do not know everything that has been done or changed or tried.
Started getting complaints about a problem with phone calls for Service going to a different number. A wrong number.
If you are familiar with phones and dealerships, it can be a complicated, sometimes ugly and strikes fear in many.
Of course all the info I get is a text. Which is not much info at all to go on to try and fix a real bad problem.

A little sidebar.
I need to make a rule or something… if there is a problem..email or call.. do not text. I seldom see them and when I do, it’s after the fact. And they never contain enough info to actually fix a problem.

I have to start with trying to recreate the problem myself. So I call the numbers on the website… and it works. I check our call tracking ( Carwars )
and hear no problems. I ask the receptionist have they had any complaints.
I check the backend of the website ( Dealer.com) and it’s phone manager..
Still no problems.
It’s like you car is making a funny noise and when you take it in… no noise.

All the numbers check out.
Until one small bit of info drops.
It’s mobile click to call.
I get sent a screen shot of what they are trying to dial.
It is the click to call buttons on our mobile website.
(which have their own set of numbers to trouble shoot)
I tracked and listened and looked. The numbers worked.
It was not until I tried using the mobile website myself that I was able to recreate the issue.
Sure enough… calling Service on the mobile website connected you to a cruise line. EEEEK !
When I compared the number that is presented from pressing the button to
what is programed, the two are not the same.

Not the number.
I had to jump into the website editor and take a look at the html of the site.
And sure enough. The button itself had the wrong number. Which I changed in the html and now it works.

Turns out… Service DID have a number change.
But the coding on the website was not updated.

Which is a discussion I will have with DDC later today.