Time for only the strong, smart and agile to survive

This week’s biggest impact on car sales in Georgia….No need for the rocket scientist to look it over. Georgia has been kicked in the gut by job losses.
Nearly everyone knows someone, has a family member, friend or even themselves who has lost their job.
We are unsure, uneasy and afraid.
I am so amazed at how we have stood by and watched this change happen around us.
Yes, it came over us quickly.
We were mud bound. Frozen. Still operating the same way we were two months ago. Not a care in the world.
That is what I see missing today.
The care. The expressions of care.
As I read the emails and listen to phone calls, I am struck by our numbness
Like robots, stuck in a program. It’s all we know to do.
We are still using old word tracks. Even canned emails. Templates used
by the lazy. Never updated, read over or even considered.
We in the car biz are going through our own dumb-ass apocalypse.
They surround us. March alongside us.


Perhaps this is the cull happening.

Time for only the strong, smart and agile to survive.

Who will we be on the other side of this?
Who will be counted among us?

Georgia Loses Jobs