This week – Sep 21

It is a funky week ahead. A few long tasks to complete or at least get the prep work done.
Chevy is getting a new website, ( good bye CD forkin K ) along with a confrontational budget meeting coming up.
Ford and Honda both need a re-tooling of their internet process. That will take some time. Working with sales people, managers and a GM along with systems is tough. The prep-work is key and allows me to be ready when the time comes and there is no lag in waiting on me. That means setting a new workflow and corresponding templates, shared info docs set up, and quick links spread sheet. Don’t want to go thru all that work and then lose momentum. Ford and Honda need their GMB’s updated, which means I will be shooting two hours of pics and videos and working on them in post. Long day in Milledgeville this week.
Audi needs all kinds of things done. Hard to say which ones will get done this week. I plan on working on process this week.
Getting my arms around common Digital Retailing metrics. We have different DR solutions and looking at a common set of metrics is key.

All in all another busy week ahead.