Lesson Learned: Mobile Tracking Numbers

Dealer.com Mobile Click to Call

A good part of my gig is fixing things. And that starts with figuring things out. Often, I am not called in or made aware until late in the problems existence. Which means I do not know everything that has been done or changed or tried.
Started getting complaints about a problem with phone calls for Service going to a different number. A wrong number.
If you are familiar with phones and dealerships, it can be a complicated, sometimes ugly and strikes fear in many.
Of course all the info I get is a text. Which is not much info at all to go on to try and fix a real bad problem.

A little sidebar.
I need to make a rule or something… if there is a problem..email or call.. do not text. I seldom see them and when I do, it’s after the fact. And they never contain enough info to actually fix a problem.

I have to start with trying to recreate the problem myself. So I call the numbers on the website… and it works. I check our call tracking ( Carwars )
and hear no problems. I ask the receptionist have they had any complaints.
I check the backend of the website ( Dealer.com) and it’s phone manager..
Still no problems.
It’s like you car is making a funny noise and when you take it in… no noise.

All the numbers check out.
Until one small bit of info drops.
It’s mobile click to call.
I get sent a screen shot of what they are trying to dial.
It is the click to call buttons on our mobile website.
(which have their own set of numbers to trouble shoot)
I tracked and listened and looked. The numbers worked.
It was not until I tried using the mobile website myself that I was able to recreate the issue.
Sure enough… calling Service on the mobile website connected you to a cruise line. EEEEK !
When I compared the number that is presented from pressing the button to
what is programed, the two are not the same.

Not the number.
I had to jump into the website editor and take a look at the html of the site.
And sure enough. The button itself had the wrong number. Which I changed in the html and now it works.

Turns out… Service DID have a number change.
But the coding on the website was not updated.

Which is a discussion I will have with DDC later today.

STATUS FEB 19 2020


The Rain Continues in Georgia !
Ugly day to travel to Milledgeville to work in Butler Ford and Butler Honda. Two of our challenging stores.
Leads are down, performance is down, reviews are down.
An uphill battle.
Putting my shoulder to the wheel today.

Nissan Digital Health Assessment

Status Update - What and Internet Director is doing today
STATUS FEB 18 2020

Will be spending the day at our Nissan store for what is the second portion of our Digital Health Assessment.
The first part consisted of me handing over all our data, giving all the access and basically opening ourselves up to an intrusive, under the covers inspection.
And if you know me… I am a bit of a stickler for sharing our data.
Not that we have something to hide.
Or that I do not make mistakes.
( I know a thing or two, ’cause I jacked up a thing or three )
It is because I feel the pinch of what I see as overbearing OEM’s that believe
they know best. Which is too funny, because they MAKE cars. We SELL cars. So this “knowing best”, is in a space they have no experience in.

During the kick-off meeting we will review the goals and objectives of the Digital Health Assessment, as well as the agenda for the Observation Day. Please make sure that you and your Senior management team are available for this meeting. Also, please make sure that your BDC management team and staff, as well as anyone who works with “Internet Consumers” at your store, are available to us throughout the day. We will need to conduct a short interview with each person
As discussed previously, we will plan to start the Digital Health Assessment Observation Day Senior Management Team Kick-off Meeting at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 18th. This meeting includes the GM, GSM, and Digital Marketing Director and usually takes no more than 30-45 minutes. The meeting kicks off the one day in-dealership Observation and Analysis phase of the Digital Health Assessment.

From email invite

My Hope

To gain positive feed back. Insight on improvements that can be made in my efforts along with processes within the store.

My Fear

That some you cat, who has never sold a forking car will show up with some checklist and a Starbucks card.
Who knows nothing of our market.
And in the end, I will be told to post more on GMB.
After having gone through a torturous experience of trying to explain to why we do what we do to someone with little to no experience.
Who will then take all they learned from us and share it with others.
There by negating our competitive advantage.


Working with the Internet team at Audi South Atlanta

Traveling up to Union City, GA to work at Audi South Atlanta. A couple of meetings to sit in as well as spending time with the Internet team. Doing side by sides on handling internet customers, best practices and accessing their abilities. Need to gather some content while I am there for use on social media.
Plus, they have a new sales manager that needs some familiarization.
Busy day, but in the car for a good bit and will be making follow up calls then.

STATUS FEB 14 2020


Thank you sweet baby jesus in a straw diaper


  • Catching up on all my todo’s from being in Ad meetings all week.
  • MTG – Honda digital review
  • MTG – Cox Auto Accelerate wanna be but very lame digital retailing
  • Side by sides with Audi internet team
  • Inventory prob on website Butler CDJR
  • Report on Butler Ford internet team ( not looking good )
  • Get a place to stay for Digital Dealer

STATUS FEB 13 2020

status YELLOW

Working in Macon, Advertising meetings at Nissan all morning. All morning.

10-1230 Nissan Ad meeting

Working on for today:

  • Honda email header
  • Peter access
  • Check autotrader leads
  • Email campaigns
  • Butler cars reputations
  • Reassign chevy leads
  • Cancel Cars.com butler toyotoa
  • Nissan CPO


Every time you log into to @eleadcrm you get a pop up.

A pop up from Eleads telling you about all the wonderment that awaits you at NADA if you stop by their booth.
Basically a nag screen that slows down those trying to do the real work and the majority not going to NADA.
Just more bad choices since being acquired by CDK.
Woo hoo ! A new look too? Nope. Same GUI from 12 years ago. So not impressed. At all. None.

@eleadcrm nag screen

STATUS FEB 12 2020

In MACON and Milledgeville – MEETINGS !

  • 830 – 1200 Toyota Advertising and Digital – Stream and Pinnacle till noon
  • 1230- Phones at Toyota
    Travel Macon to Milledgeville
  • 200-500 Ford/Honda – Advertising and Digital DDC and Pinnacle
  • Carnow check in
  • AutoTrader trng at Ford
Mid-Week Todo list

STATUS Feb 11 2020

status YELLOW


The start of Adverstising meetings week.
9:30 Mtg Audi Digital Review
10:00 Mtg Toyota Ad review
12:00 Butler Chevy Digital Review
Working on:
Phones at Butler Toyota
Eblast for Butler Ford and Honda
Elblast for Butler Chevy
New internet peeps at Butler Chevy
ButlerCars Edit

Status Feb 10 2020

Direct Dealership Support

It’s Monday and the start to a busy week.
This is advertising meeting week, which means I will only be able to handle priority, dealership level issues.Working at Audi today after stopping first by the office in Macon. GM call at 1030. Training and side by sides with Audi internet team. Have a mtg w/ Trade Pending in the afternoon.
Prepping email campaigns for later in the week.
I will be in the car for 4 hours today.

WEEK OF FEB 10 2020
Meeting Butler Toyota

Butler Nissan Inventory Problem
Butler Toyota Website Problem