Every time you log into to @eleadcrm you get a pop up.

A pop up from Eleads telling you about all the wonderment that awaits you at NADA if you stop by their booth.
Basically a nag screen that slows down those trying to do the real work and the majority not going to NADA.
Just more bad choices since being acquired by CDK.
Woo hoo ! A new look too? Nope. Same GUI from 12 years ago. So not impressed. At all. None.

@eleadcrm nag screen

STATUS FEB 12 2020

In MACON and Milledgeville – MEETINGS !

  • 830 – 1200 Toyota Advertising and Digital – Stream and Pinnacle till noon
  • 1230- Phones at Toyota
    Travel Macon to Milledgeville
  • 200-500 Ford/Honda – Advertising and Digital DDC and Pinnacle
  • Carnow check in
  • AutoTrader trng at Ford
Mid-Week Todo list

STATUS Feb 11 2020

status YELLOW


The start of Adverstising meetings week.
9:30 Mtg Audi Digital Review
10:00 Mtg Toyota Ad review
12:00 Butler Chevy Digital Review
Working on:
Phones at Butler Toyota
Eblast for Butler Ford and Honda
Elblast for Butler Chevy
New internet peeps at Butler Chevy
ButlerCars Edit

Status Feb 10 2020

Direct Dealership Support

It’s Monday and the start to a busy week.
This is advertising meeting week, which means I will only be able to handle priority, dealership level issues.Working at Audi today after stopping first by the office in Macon. GM call at 1030. Training and side by sides with Audi internet team. Have a mtg w/ Trade Pending in the afternoon.
Prepping email campaigns for later in the week.
I will be in the car for 4 hours today.

WEEK OF FEB 10 2020
Meeting Butler Toyota

Butler Nissan Inventory Problem
Butler Toyota Website Problem

Clicks and impressions and share, Oh My !


Still common today are vendors that capitalize on our ignorance.

Feeding your desire for being shown some type of result.
Something easy.
The most common is “dealership name”. Or Ad groups built with dealership name in them.
ANYTIME dealership name is used in any report or briefing or pitch it is being used to show results that have no bearing on selling a vehicle.
Let me state that in a different way. It is dishonest to use dealership name as a measurement of an SEM spends success.
Not saying that we should not spend on dealership name. It has it’s place in an overall SEM strategy.
I have found that all too often it is a result that is highlighted as success when it is not.