Clicks and impressions and share, Oh My !


Still common today are vendors that capitalize on our ignorance.

Feeding your desire for being shown some type of result.
Something easy.
The most common is “dealership name”. Or Ad groups built with dealership name in them.
ANYTIME dealership name is used in any report or briefing or pitch it is being used to show results that have no bearing on selling a vehicle.
Let me state that in a different way. It is dishonest to use dealership name as a measurement of an SEM spends success.
Not saying that we should not spend on dealership name. It has it’s place in an overall SEM strategy.
I have found that all too often it is a result that is highlighted as success when it is not.

Yes ! Buy All The YouTube

I push for more, always more spend on YouTube.
I always get this push back.
“We cant track YouTube.”
“We can only do Auto in-tenders. (gag, puke)
“Your ads are going in front of mostly kids who are watching on their parents phone in a insert wherever parents need a break.”

I basically do not listen or pay attention to the first two.
Weak excuses.
The third is hard to argue with when you are talking about spend.
Putting any kind of money, time and effort into something; it has to have value, meaning. Results.
And most of us can relate. We have done it.
That is the power of the argument.
Yes, I have handed a kid a tablet or a phone and let it harness their attention. Keeping them still and quiet for a time.
Who would want to pay for an auto ad to run at that time?
Not me.
Unless you really wanted to start branding early.
Brand early and often ! (OK, no)

What makes me want to push back on the push back about YouTube Advertising is my own experience in uploading content to YouTube.
YouTube is forcing, requiring all content creators to disclose if their content is for kids. And further, if their channel is for kids.
So to me, there HAS to be a way for us to NOT appear in front of those lil consuming monsters eating up all the bandwidth.

Advertising on YouTube

DIL 111319


A typical day during involving Adverstising meetings.
Up working before work.
Taking my daughter to school.
First three hour Ad meeting.
Jumping in the car for an hour to the next meeting.
Rinse, repeat Advertising meeting.
The end. LOL.

This is just a video from SnapChat.