On “one more day” watch

Inventory problems either working itself out or …….it is going to get worse. Tomorrow will tell the tell.

UPDATE: Nothing to report. A blip. An increase in sunspot activity effecting the interwebs.
But with all the inventory problems we have been having between Homenet, Vauto and CDK website combined with Automate DMS; I have to keep an eye on it. For some reason people think it is a straight line. DMS to website. Magic. Ha!
Far from it. Almost the opposite.
One little change made by some un-aware used car manager….. and there is a train wreck to figure out, clean up and make right. And it is hard to do.
So I cannot count on luck. As many of us do. I have to be as ready as I can.

Being Organized – A roll of the dice



It’s tough to do in my role.  To be and stay organized.  I imagine it is for others too.

Developing some method to keep up with your madness at work is a must.  Getting to understand mine will take some explaining.

My origination has layers and bubbles.

Family first (or as much of first without getting fired)
So really it’s Family and Job first and then squeeze in others as I can.

At Work, there at these bubbles. The bubbles are  13 dealerships.  They operate
independently of each other, and kinda float and bounce around like bubbles
will do.  Within those bubbles are people I depend on.  They are either
organized themselves or not.  They have smart people working for them or not.
They communicate well or not.
That is a lot of “are” or “are not”.
I can say we have a good share of “are not”.

This is the high wall across my quest to be and stay organized.
It’s hard to plan when you are around so many people who do not.

This is the best I can come up with.  A struggle to get work into a box that
can be somewhat manageable.

Balancing my Family with Job.