Watching the wind blow

It’s the 3rd of the month and we are going to market with offers at Toyota. Great team work to get them produced and published.

We sold a store last month and the vehicles are still flowing thru our inventory. Trying to trouble shoot where those suckers are hiding and get rid of them. I think they were removed improperly. Just dropping the feed did not actually delete them from downstream updates. I am going to give it a couple days and will have manually delete them all.

Leads have increased year over year at our small Ford store. With the ever more important phone calls increasing the most. Had to show a GM that even though it feels like traffic is down, it’s not. More phone calls ! Which is why the phone is super important. A customer calling off your own website needs to be handled properly. He who trains phone ups wins. And why investing in and having ongoing phone training is the one of the best things a dealership can do.

Who is spending on digital ? Is our spend about right or do we increase? Ours is optimized and efficient, lean and mean. Is theirs full of bloat ? (probably )

October has started

During tough months we fall back
on basic blocking and tackling.
Disciplined approach to following
processes leads to success.

Working on the Group Internet Report and gaining some insight into the stores success’.

The shear volume that Butler Toyota produces is impressive.
Butler Lexus benefited from new website performance producing better leads.
Milledgeville saw improvement as they further refine and improve their internet processes.
CDJR suffered from the hurricane, thru force of will they pulled the month out.
(Audrina bought a new car to get them the one new car deal they needed)
Butler Chevy continues it’s personnel woes.
BMW of Macon showed the loss of sales manager and his attention and involvement.

One of the hardest things is dealing with arrogant ignorant people.  They think they know and that’s good enough for them to be a prick.  But actually they are wrong and have to be an even bigger prick afterwords.

Day in the life 1 Oct 19

New 2020 Toyota’s showing up on Used Inv. feed on
Contacted DDC- provided info and screenshot.
Got quick confirm that they were on it.
Then realized I was that jerk who asks for inventory help, but dose not
provide any stock # examples. So I meekly provide the examples, just too late to be of any help probably, support had already went to the trouble and the time to look them up.
Turns out the vehicles were marked “used” in the system on our end.  Internal problem, not external. Now to try and figure out who.  A person ? The DMS ? Someone fat fingered somewhere.  Or could it be on purpose.
Gotta rule out if they are rentals….?
I get ding on my phone when a GM sends me an email.  To get 3 of them in an hour means at least 5 hours of work coming my way. And in a hurry.

Just got offers in from Sales Manager to use online.  Good turn around !
Incentives just came out right before lunch. Now to put them up the chain
to see how quickly we can get them online. One store off to compliance
and then up and out, a couple of stores are very close and more just meandering along.  Big month ! Lets go.

Dealing with this glitch editing problem thru Ford Direct and DDC.
Could I be using the wrong browser ?  Chrome is my go to. But do have to dance around a few OEM specifics, BMW, Honda/Acura. I will have to ask
if I should try FireFox possibly for editing.
Cleared cookies, restarted and that had no effect. Still glitchy.  Could it be Ford Direct ?  Other DDC sites I have no issues with.


Hand written offers fro sales manager.
HANDWRITTEN offers from Sales Manger

Internet Customer 2019

As we round the corner into a new year..

I want to share just basics about todays CUSTOMER

To allow you to understand and better prepare.

I will cover

the expectaion of the customer
the speed of the customer
steps to help you SUCCEED

Todays internet customer is a reflection
of how people interact with and use
the internet.

We no longer get on the internet
We live on the internet constantly

The average person checks their
smart phone over 150 times a day.

This year there are over 8 BILLION
connected devices
That number is growing.
Expected to reach 20 Billion by 2020.

This life on the internet has created a DIFFERENT TYPE of Customer.

They are curios
and independant. wanting to gather information on their own.
And the internet equips and empowers them to do so.

They are demanding
Their expectation of us is to match their experience they have had so far.
And for us to know them and to be ready for them.

They are impatient
Moving at their speed, not ours.

Online tools have gotten better and customers use of those tools has sped up the time in decision making

New car buyers taking just 2 months to research, gather information and make a decision.

Some even quicker…. just 2 weeks.

They’re visitng us less and less
2.2 average # of visits
and even less test drives.

What steps can you take.

  1. Be the expert
    Whats so great about a specific model.
    Whats so great about your brand
    Whats so great about your dealership
    What so great about you.
  2. Become Comfortable with communicating that information across multiple means. From in person, to on the phone to text, chat and video.
  3. Practice – Role play – Study – Prepare – Demonstrate.
    Lean forward in your own expectation of yourself, your peers and your dealership.

And finally

  1. ASK.
    Where are they in the process and how can you help.
    Provide information without any friction
    without any wasted time.

Thank you, hope this has gotten your wheels turning.
I wish all success.

I still do more before 9 AM

Most people know I am an old Army guy.  ( sitting at 22 years of Federal Service right now)  One of the things that has stuck with me is getting up early and getting to work. And it has served me well.  Any of us who work at this kind of pace know and treasure those quite hours.  When the phone is not ringing, you have a good cup of coffee sitting
in your boxer shorts, taking care of business.
I screencapped my “sent” folder at 9 this morning.