Move a Dealership Checklist Dev

This will be an ongoing post over the next 2 weeks as we move our CDJR Dealership to a new location.
Using the opportunity to develop a Move Checklist.
**updates may get a little confusing,**
I will try to smooth it out over time.

Threw together a quick chart to get a basic organization flowing. Will need to flesh each item out and lay out a timeline.

Basic starting point

UPDATE: AM Nov 26 two weeks till move
Added Yelp to the NAP update list. Began press release. Working on website updates, social teasers and point of sale for the showroom and service drive. Gathering assets. Notifying vendors of upcoming move with dates and address. As well as a post on the dealerships blog.

Early warning

Where to upload those first piece of content ?
Google of course first and fast, but well meta’d.

Here is where I started working on the metadata
of each piece of content going forward. Had to make sure there were signals out there for Uncle Google to hear. including the new address in everything.

First upload of pointers

And creating a FB scheduled post to count down the day till the move.
Working with pretty poor imagery to start with but it will improve quickly.
Plus I am going to travel next week to work on location and keep the info flowing. And gather may own pics and video.

Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM
(like what I did there ?)

It’s full on crazy trying to over come Black Friday. Our message is drowned out heavenly. It will be Monday (cybermonday) when will have to dig in full force.
Plus thanksgiving is going to slow everything down. Which is the time to build content. Prepare and lay up stores for next week push. I am also going to have to clear my plate as I am going to be in Beaufort early next week. Need to get a few tasks taken care of so they are not obstacles to getting it done in Beaufort.

Do not assume that there is not someone at the dealership tying to manage some of the same web properties that you are trying to update. Be humble, respect others efforts.

UPDATE: The day after Thanksgiving.
Looking internally now at the store and what impacts the address change will have.
The CRM is a little bit of a hole that will need some work ahead of time.
Starting with identifying any of those little places, the nooks and crannies of the system.
Of course the emails and email templates will need to have the <insert address> data updated so that it drops in the correct address.
And I am going to scrub the current templates to see it there are any hard coded with old address and rebuild those.
The forms that the CRM spits out will need updating. Quotes sheets, We Owe’s ect.. will have to updated and tested.

The BLUF strategy – A new language for the internet age

Employing the BLUF strategy with Internet Shoppers


Our ultimate goal with internet shoppers is to turn them into
internet customers. Car Owners, born out of the the Internet
As an industry we have struggled to keep up with shoppers.
Car peeps stick to their ways. Unflinching, never really changing.
There have been changes in the technology we use. But do not cofuse that with
any improvement in communicating with shoppers.
The phone, then email of course and on to chat and video. But what we have
had to say through these different mediums vary little from 10
years ago. “Getting them in” is our underlying theme. It forms
the base of all we have to say.
Shoppers “ain’ hearing that”.
Or tolerating it.
In fact, more and more are bypassing any form of contact with a dealership just
for that reason. They know that when dealing with an automotive
salesperson out side the showroom, the will get nothing more
than lip service. No value, no insight, to them a waste of time.
I challenge you to prove this wrong. You can do so, by reviewing
emails, listening to phone conversations. Are shoppers hearing
anything of true value to them ?
Do we even know what is or is not valuable to an internet shopper?

So lets get into the BLUF strategy. What it is and how to apply it.
BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front
I do not mean bottom line pricing up front. Although price has it’s
BLUF is a mentality to take when attempting a conversation with
an internet customer.
And it is simple.
Look at what you are about say to a customer,
then tear away all the fluff, the sugar coating, the crap that the
manufacture wants you to say and put what is left in simple
very easy to read or hear terms. Keep it to just one or two
items or points. If you have more than that. Save it for the
next attempt.
This is more than just dumbing down your message. It is putting
what the shoppers needs/wants to know in a bit sized easy to consume
manner. Easy to consume, digest and make a decision to move on
to some next steps.
You see, shoppers aint got time for all that stuff about you or your brand
or the dealership. That will come in time. When they want to know.
Not when you want to shove it in their brain. Trying to do so just
clutters and distracts and it gets flushed, if it gets through at all.
BLUF shows the shopper you get them. That you understand that
their time is valuable. That the research they have done so far
has made a difference. After all, it got them to you.
The work today’s shopper does before ending up on the phone or in a lead
form to you is tremendous. You will either be a speed bump or a
a road sign. Either way the shopper will go through you, around
you or not acknowledge you at all.
But we are car folks right ? We want to jump in front of shoppers.
Slow them down. Distract them. Balloons, woo hoo how pretty and shiny.
Seen those “running of the bulls” clips ? Yep, get the hell out of their way.
Run with them. Jumping out in front is not a good idea.
To run with shoppers today, you have to be fast, informative and offer value
to them. That value comes in serving them up stripped down information.
Straight and to the point.
And that is how to put it to a shopper.


BLUF is fairly easy. Just take your current messaging and apply BLUF to it. Bring
to the top the essence of what you are trying to communicate and leave it at
that. Not fancy, no frills.

BLUF last for 72 Hours.
Day 1 – Vehicle vehicle vehicle multiple times and ways
Day 2 – Trade trade trade multiple times and ways
Day 3 Finance finance finance multiple times and ways

Then….. start your fluffy, “we are the best” blah blah follow up.

Got it? Good ! Now get to work.

CarGurus One Oh One

Among classified vehicle listings services, Cargurus is certainly
on the uptick. Enough to make Autotrader and sit up and
take notice. Reminds me of the burger battles between McDonald’s,
Burger King and Wendy’s. And it is a battle. Both with vehicle
shoppers and with dealers.
I want to talk about both equally important aspects. Understanding
how Cargurus succeeds with vehicle shoppers will increase all your
metrics in selling them a car. From phone and form leads, to appointments and ultimately sales.
With the vehicle shopper, CG seems to be everywhere. (OK, I got tired of typing CarGurus and went to CG)
CG spends many monies on optimizing for organic search. And not just simple search terms, but quasi long tailed terms. Especially localized.
Search Results for local Macon Cars
Once a shopper is on the CG site, indoctrination begins immediately.
The interface is simple, easy to navigate and uncluttered. Not the first pop up to take a survey or to interfere with what the shopper came their to do. Find a car.
The search radius defaults to 100 miles and that is a little much and most shoppers adjust it down to find more local cars. Then they broaden the radius depending on what they
find locally. The VLP is straight forward and chock full of easy to digest info on the vehicles. ( and the dealer)
Vehicle Listing Page from Macon Ga search
The biggest of note is the Great Deal, Good Deal, Fair Deal arrows.
Early on CG is telling the shopper which car to choose. And that mind set extends to including a star rating for the dealership right in the VLP listing.
Once your car has won the click, the VDP continues to with the deal arrows and goes further buy offering some “negotiating” information on the vehicle. How quickly the vehicle type is selling ( or turn rate ) and how many and how much the price has dropped.

2014 Toyota Camry SE    16 997

Things get interesting when the shopper decides to contact the dealer.  But that will have to wait till part two. And will go a long way in contributing to success with CG shoppers.

Until then, I invite you to hop on CarGurus, take look around with the shoppers experience in mind.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time spent.