Lead Handling Fail

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Embrace the suck. See all the *ucks we don’t give !

Unfortunate it seems that way some days.
I am amazed at how we can manage to jack it all up.

A frustrated post.

How not to sell a car on the internet

STATUS FEB 24 2020

It’s Monday “Yall

Will be in the car a good bit today. Can do follow up calls early and then
between 4pm and 5pm.
It is the last week of the month and today is jam packed full of things to get done both in the Audi store as well as other dealerships.

Most important to do today is setting up the Phone Menu in Carwars. Right now all calls are going to sales reception. She is doing a fantastic job, but the calls are overwhelming. Especially in the morning. Really, Service needs their own reception.
Service calls are the reason behind the call menu. Press one to schedule and appointment will get you to our Service BDC. Press two to speak to a service advisor about your vehicle. This is the ugly part. Service advisers do not answer the phones. As in, they will watch the phone ring and take no action. Yes ! I know ! How do we tolerate that type of behavior? A true people problem if I ever saw one. We are really loosing money and lowering our survey scores. Press three for sales and press four for Audi parts.

Lesson Learned: Mobile Tracking Numbers

Dealer.com Mobile Click to Call

A good part of my gig is fixing things. And that starts with figuring things out. Often, I am not called in or made aware until late in the problems existence. Which means I do not know everything that has been done or changed or tried.
Started getting complaints about a problem with phone calls for Service going to a different number. A wrong number.
If you are familiar with phones and dealerships, it can be a complicated, sometimes ugly and strikes fear in many.
Of course all the info I get is a text. Which is not much info at all to go on to try and fix a real bad problem.

A little sidebar.
I need to make a rule or something… if there is a problem..email or call.. do not text. I seldom see them and when I do, it’s after the fact. And they never contain enough info to actually fix a problem.

I have to start with trying to recreate the problem myself. So I call the numbers on the website… and it works. I check our call tracking ( Carwars )
and hear no problems. I ask the receptionist have they had any complaints.
I check the backend of the website ( Dealer.com) and it’s phone manager..
Still no problems.
It’s like you car is making a funny noise and when you take it in… no noise.

All the numbers check out.
Until one small bit of info drops.
It’s mobile click to call.
I get sent a screen shot of what they are trying to dial.
It is the click to call buttons on our mobile website.
(which have their own set of numbers to trouble shoot)
I tracked and listened and looked. The numbers worked.
It was not until I tried using the mobile website myself that I was able to recreate the issue.
Sure enough… calling Service on the mobile website connected you to a cruise line. EEEEK !
When I compared the number that is presented from pressing the button to
what is programed, the two are not the same.

Not the number.
I had to jump into the website editor and take a look at the html of the site.
And sure enough. The button itself had the wrong number. Which I changed in the html and now it works.

Turns out… Service DID have a number change.
But the coding on the website was not updated.

Which is a discussion I will have with DDC later today.

Franklin, we have a problem

How we handle customers

Franklin, TN that is.
Read an article this morning on SeekingAlpha that really lays out how important a Service dept is in a Nissan dealership. It’s the front line of customer interactions with a dealership. And how well or how poorly those interations are handled determines the long term health of a dealership.

Here is an excerpt:

At the root of the problem is a classic example of a technical issue faced by a company, being made worse by poor handling of the problem. I am talking about Nissan’s CVT transmission problems, which is steadily eroding its customer base, as well as pushing away new potential Nissan customers. Nissan’s lack of ability to deal with the fallout and fix the problem is currently causing it significant financial damage, not to mention long-term damage to the brand. Lack of progress on this issue, combined with the need to invest billions of dollars, or perhaps even tens of billions of dollars into establishing a stronger EV presence may prove to be too much for Nissan in the next decade.

Zoltan Ban , SeekingAlpha

The full article is here:

https://seekingalpha.com/article/4309542-nissans-conventional-auto-tech-issues-threaten-ability-compete-growing-ev-segment The full article is here:

Lead and they will follow.

Sometimes you have to show the way. Figure out the problems. Confront the obstacles. Suffer the brain damage for a dealership.

I stumbled across a need a dealership has this morning.
Yesterday, I posted photos of a dealerships thanksgiving lunch.
(not the best photos either, it was a rowdy crowd)
Turns out that post was the most engaged post of the whole week for the store. Eeeeek ! That cant be good.

What that means to me now is I have to give it a little focus. Fold into my activities ways to gather, edit and post organic content for the store. And
to take it further I going to have to include all the dealerships that I can. Because if this store is having problems…. others are as well.

A dealership in need of some help

On “one more day” watch

Inventory problems either working itself out or …….it is going to get worse. Tomorrow will tell the tell.

UPDATE: Nothing to report. A blip. An increase in sunspot activity effecting the interwebs.
But with all the inventory problems we have been having between Homenet, Vauto and CDK website combined with Automate DMS; I have to keep an eye on it. For some reason people think it is a straight line. DMS to website. Magic. Ha!
Far from it. Almost the opposite.
One little change made by some un-aware used car manager….. and there is a train wreck to figure out, clean up and make right. And it is hard to do.
So I cannot count on luck. As many of us do. I have to be as ready as I can.