Whats in your work folder ?

Short answer:

My work folder is just an extension of my desktop. And in my line of work,
that changes and varies a great deal. Since I am in and out of different dealerships and basically work 24/7, there is a need for a constant. A place where I can have access to needed assets.

Why not just keep everything on the laptop you carry?
There is not enough hard drive space. Although I try and
keep it charged and carry an extra power cord, I have had
a dead battery. I also “hot seat” alot. Meaning I sit at other peoples computers to work.

Why not keep it all on a thumb-drive?
Not a good idea to insert your thumb-drive in someone else’s computer.
It’s just not safe. Even if it is consensual. I have lost, ran through the washing machine and dryer a few thumb-drives in my day. I do however back up my work folder to a thumb-drive every 3 months and keep it at my home office.

Work Folder

Lead and they will follow.

Sometimes you have to show the way. Figure out the problems. Confront the obstacles. Suffer the brain damage for a dealership.

I stumbled across a need a dealership has this morning.
Yesterday, I posted photos of a dealerships thanksgiving lunch.
(not the best photos either, it was a rowdy crowd)
Turns out that post was the most engaged post of the whole week for the store. Eeeeek ! That cant be good.

What that means to me now is I have to give it a little focus. Fold into my activities ways to gather, edit and post organic content for the store. And
to take it further I going to have to include all the dealerships that I can. Because if this store is having problems…. others are as well.

A dealership in need of some help