Lead Handling Fail

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Embrace the suck. See all the *ucks we don’t give !

Unfortunate it seems that way some days.
I am amazed at how we can manage to jack it all up.

A frustrated post.

How not to sell a car on the internet


A fairly straight forward day. Tradepending visits to Butler Chevy, Butler Toyota and BMW of Macon.
Then I will be locking myself in my office and working on Group reporting. Now that February is in the books I can get an accurate count of our hurtful performance.
Simple. Focused. Grind.


Ahh the Monday and the first of the month. Also to be working in a dealership. Not the best way to get all those little things taken care of that the first of the month brings or the last of the month has trailing along.
With the schedule of things the month of March… it’s just gonna have to be that way.
March will be a lion. I can feel the breath of the lion on my neck with all that is going on. The distractions, the worry.
March will be a month of focus, the only way to fight the lion.

Facebook Job posts

Audi Service Tech
Ford Service Techs

Facebook”s job postings are proving to be a great way to find and hire people.
Able to be very specific in what and where you are looking for. The deliverable of the job application to an email for quick follow up helps us start conversations right away with potential hires. High recommend.

STATUS FEB 26 2020

On the road to Millegeville, GA to work at Butler Ford and Butler Honda. I will be training the Internet team. Working on the the set ups and installing Tradepending at both stores. Of course the usual sit with the GM to cover metrics, troubles problems and sore spots. Also waiting…. have been working on getting a contract ironed out with Dealer.com for a new website platform for ButlerCars.com. Coming down to the close on a very tough Febuary. Very tough.

STATUS FEB 24 2020

It’s Monday “Yall

Will be in the car a good bit today. Can do follow up calls early and then
between 4pm and 5pm.
It is the last week of the month and today is jam packed full of things to get done both in the Audi store as well as other dealerships.

Most important to do today is setting up the Phone Menu in Carwars. Right now all calls are going to sales reception. She is doing a fantastic job, but the calls are overwhelming. Especially in the morning. Really, Service needs their own reception.
Service calls are the reason behind the call menu. Press one to schedule and appointment will get you to our Service BDC. Press two to speak to a service advisor about your vehicle. This is the ugly part. Service advisers do not answer the phones. As in, they will watch the phone ring and take no action. Yes ! I know ! How do we tolerate that type of behavior? A true people problem if I ever saw one. We are really loosing money and lowering our survey scores. Press three for sales and press four for Audi parts.